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Protect Your Assets with Estate Planning

mesa arizona trust planningEstate planning is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your property, honor your health care wishes, as well as protecting and providing for you loved ones in the event of your passing. Often overlooked or put off in exchange for more immediate concerns, having an estate plan is essential, as you never know what will happen from one day to the next, and it is vital to be prepared!

A Mesa estate planning lawyer, such as Wayne Gardner, would present you with all of the legal documentation and assist you with the processing and filing of the forms to best suit your overall interests, by appointing a power of attorney, situating finances, appointing and appropriating property to their beneficiaries, as well as appointing guardianship for children.

Your estate consists of all of the property owned by you at the time of your passing, including Real estate, bank accounts & funds, stocks & other securities, life insurance policies and personal property such as automobiles, artwork and even jewelry.

Regardless of your age, income or complexity of your estate, an estate plan can accomplish many things. Identifying the family members and loved ones you wish to appoint as beneficiaries to receive property, as well as ensuring your property is transferred to those people with as few legal issues as possible is a priority of estate planning attorney Wayne Garnder. Setting fourth funeral arrangements and payments can be done through estate planning, as well as prior to your passing, allows dictation of life-prolonging medical care you wish to receive! Estate plans also help avoid the time and costs that are associated with the probation process by utilizing Living Trusts and “Payable On Death” accounts to solidify the financial protection of your property and funds! A living trust will appoint a beneficiary of property, without transfer, only initiating transfer in the event of your death.

Planning Your Estate

wills and trusts in mesa arizonaPlanning your estate is necessary, and with the professional and experienced attorney Wayne Gardner, you are sure to have all of the bases covered in the event of your passing, to ensure your family, property and funds are protected and appointed to the right people! We can explain all of your options that can help you meet your estate planning goals, as well as revise existing plans. Skilled assistance is available to you through Wayne Garder, estate planning attorney in Mesa Arizona!

Wayne is also an Arizona estate planning lawyer at Gunderson, Denton & Peterson, P.C.

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  • Arizona Estate Planning
    Arizona Estate Planning
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