Last Will and Testament

Your last will and testament or “will” is a legal document which establishes what you want done with your assets or belongings when you die. A person over the age of 18 can have a last will and testament. This document will specify the person’s wishes with regard to his or her property, assets and family. When done properly, a will is a legal and binding document honored in probate court after the passing of an individual.

Although you may not need an attorney to create a will, it is highly recommended. Due to the fact that a last will and testament is a legally binding document, it is imperative that it be valid and enforceable. The will establishes what you want done with your possessions after you pass away. If the wording in the will is not set forth legally or is not signed properly, it most likely will not be invalid in probate court. If prior wills are in existence, you must take care to make certain that the latest will is the one which is followed. Wayne Gardner, an estate planning attorney, at Gunderson, Denton & Peterson, P.C. can help you with these matters.

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